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               The Buying Process

Tennessee is an amazing state with picturesque views, fun attractions and friendly communities, but how do you know which area is right for you?  Where do you even start in finding the right place.  As REALTORS®, we realize that buying a home is one of the largest investments you will have.  Understanding the local markets is crucial when judging on when and where to make that home investment.  Our team has dedicated buyer specialist to help you through the process.  We have insights on schools, area attractions, and more.  Once you identify the right home, we will guide our clients through a smooth process from start to finish.


Image by Thomas Drouault
Buying a House

                                       Buyers Process at a Glance



An easy interview will allow us to determine exactly what you are looking for and narrow the search to accommodate your specific needs.


One of the most important steps is pre-qualification.  It is how lenders determine if you fit the criteria for a home loan.  Lenders will ask questions about your debt, assets, credit and income.

Viewing Properties:

Some individuals view a property for 30 minutes and once the deal closes live to regret it.  It pays to have insight on what to look for when viewing a property from the roof to the foundation.  All viewing is arranged to fit “your” schedule.



Negotiations with the seller or seller’s agent to get agreeable terms and finalization are negotiated with “you” our client’s interest.

Secure Your Loan:

We work together with your lender to ensure that the process flows as smooth as possible.

Schedule a Home Inspection:

We work with you in negotiating any areas of concern and insure that the repairs are completed as well as conduct a final walk- through with our clients.


We represent you at the closing and make sure that the closing is as stress free as possible.

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