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How to Improve Your Homes Curb Appeal

Have you ever heard the old adage, “first impressions last a lifetime?” Think about it, when you meet someone for the first time you usually judge them based on their actions, speech and behavior. It is just a natural thing that we tend to do. Viewing a home for the first time is not different. People will look at the home and begin to have an opinion.

So what exactly is “curb appeal?”

Curb appeal is just that, it is how someone will view your home from the “curb” or street. If your home has an overgrown lawn, dead trees and peeling paint, then your home does not look very valuable or appealing. In fact, it depreciates the value of the home when it is not kept up, but there are a few things that you can do to give positive changes to your homes exterior:

1. Trim the hedges.

There is nothing that states, “UNKEPT” like overgrown hedges. Having hedges that are not trimmed can obscure the view of the home and make your home appear to be smaller. So, grab the hedge cutters and rake and have a go!

2. Plant some color!

Your flower beds should be half evergreen with flowering in between. Taller plants should be to the back and smaller in front. Spread the color around and add some mulch to help control the weeds and give it a fresh look. When planting you may want to consider a curved bed more than a straight one to add visual interest.

3. Examine your front Door.

One of the main things that people look at on a home is the front door. Does it have a tired look, or fading paint? How about the hardware, does it need to be replaced? By simply replacing the hardware or adding a fresh coat of paint, you can totally transform the appearance of the front. Also, if your door just looks boring, then ponder on adding some trim to the top of it. This can also be added to the windows for a custom eye-catching look.

4. Scrutinize your windows.

If your windows are cracked, you may want to replace the pane, and check the seal for cracks as well. Often these are easy fixes whit fillers and paint. If you are unsure about sealing the windows, there are various videos on how-to for them. Next look at the possibility of shutters. Adding shutters to your windows will give the home a finished look. If you do not want shutters, you may consider adding window boxes at the base. When people are looking at homes, one of the main things they check are the windows.

5. Pressure Wash!

If your sidewalks have been neglected for years, it may be time to do a deep cleaning for them. Pressure washing the sidewalks will restore a newer look and brighten the entry to your home.

6. Paint!

A pristine painted home is inviting and can have a ROI of thousands. Painting is one of the first things that you should consider and is the first thing that will stand out to onlookers. Steer away from bright colors as this is usually a personal choice. If you want to add pop to the home add a brighter door. You do not need to stick with white or cream; however, you do need to consider the neighborhood or the area in which you live. For example, a home that is located on the beach a light green with white trim goes well but not so much in the mountains. For more information on exterior colors go to:

7. Check out your garage door.

It may need a fresh coat of paint or add some hardware to it to change the look. Finally,

8. Study the Roof.

Does it need to be replaced or are there uneven areas where the shingles are buckling or even missing? Buckling areas are usually just loose nails and can be tacked back down and if they are missing then replace them. The roof is one of the main things that buyers will look at when viewing a home and a nicely put together roof makes a big first impression.

In sprucing up your homes view from the road; you can add

personal value while enticing spectators or

home buyers. :)

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