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Moving to a new area can be exciting, but most buyers state that the process makes it dreadful. Here are a few tips to make your moving day a little easier.

1. Declutter:

About 2 months before the move start decluttering. An easy way to do this is to sort everything:

a. Must Haves- Everything that you are keeping

b. Yard Sale- All items that you wish to get rid of and schedule the sale

c. Maybe – Unsure list

d. Donate – Items that you wish to give to goodwill

2. 1 Month before:

a. Pack all your boxes according to the rooms that they will be in and label them. For ex: packed dishes would be labeled as Kitchen ( That way the movers will know what room to place them in at the new home)

b. Do not pack combustible items for the moving truck and be sure to leave all your essential items unpacked until moving day.

3. Days before:

a. Be sure to forward your mail to new address before you move.

b. Do not forget to change bank accounts if needed and keep out cash for the move.

c. Confirm with the movers the moving schedule

d. Consider taking photos of furniture etc. (this is in case movers break/scratch items.. I had this happen to a baby grand and had no up-close photos to prove my case)

1. Moving Day:

· Awake early and dress with flexible clothing that is not too loose to be caught on something.

· Try to pack essentials and delicate items in your vehicle (you will have them when you arrive at new address and minimize the risk of breakage).

· Where pets are concerned try to have a friend sit with them or board

for the day.

· Leave someone at the old address to meet with the movers and supervise loading.

· Do a walk-through and make sure that nothing is left behind.

. Sign an inventory sheet and make sure movers sign as well.

· When you arrive to new address be sure to inspect your boxes as well as furniture before signing paperwork.

· Unpack essentials as well as kitchen and bath items first.

Sit down and have a cup of tea…… you earned it 😊

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