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Small Home Improvements that Give Good Returns:

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

When selling your home people will usually judge it within the first 5 minutes of viewing; that is why curb appeal is crucial to marketing your home. Many people ask, “how do you do home improvements when you are on a budget?” The following is a list of small home improvements that give good returns without breaking the bank.

1. Declutter:

Remove everything that does not need to be in the yard/ home whether it is old cars, bikes, old containers, broken furniture, extra items on the counter in kitchen and baths etc. When there are excessive items lying in the yard or home, they become the focus. Having clutter speaks chaos and not relaxation to the buyers.

2. Spruce up the Shrubs and Flower Beds:

Grab the hedge cutters and a rake and have at it! Shrubs should not be taller than the windows. When they over-take the windows, it obscures the view and makes the home appear to be smaller than it is. On the flip side, if you do not have hedges then plant some. A well landscaped home will help people to notice your property.

When planting think 50% in evergreen with flowering in between for beauty and texture. As a general rule, the higher plants should be aligned along the back with the shorter plants in front and flowering in between.

TIP: A curved flower bed will provide visual interest instead of the traditional straight. If this is impossible then consider having a curved area along one side at the end. This will soften the area and make it more appealing.

For more information on planting go to:

3. Pressure wash:

Pressure wash everywhere. Anything that is dirty the house, wood, or the cement. It can give a tired area a fresh new look.

If you are not sure about pressure washing, try YouTube as they have many tutorials for this or hire to have done as it customarily pays off.

4. Manicure the Lawn:

A well-maintained lawn will be one of the first things that is noticed and always adds value. If you have bare areas, then you will want to plant some seed or use the area for a patio, rock garden or pavers with ground cover in between. Try to rid the bare spots as this speaks unkept home to buyers.

5. Front Entrance:

The front door is one of the most important things as it is the entrance to the home. A dingy front door is not inviting. Consider painting it and don’t forget about the doormat which makes one feel welcome. Update any fixtures, bright bulbs and clean and replace broken windows. Seating at the front entrance states relax and who doesn’t desire that. 😊 If there is not enough room for a large seating area, a simple chair and table will do. Don’t forget to add hanging plants/ ferns or chimes to add interest. Be careful not to overdo as this will appear cluttered.

Remember home improvements do not have to cost a fortune; just focus on the small home improvements that give good returns.

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