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If you are like most people you have worked hard on the exterior of your home. Let’s face it, there is nothing that is pretty about an outdoor air-conditioning unit, but you have to have one. So, here are a few tips to “pretty it up” while adding value to your home.

1. Utilize a box with pieces of a trellis

A box trellis is a simple inexpensive way to get rid of the old unit eye soar. Just make sure to give the HVAC system room to breathe. Consider a distance of at least 3ft away. Once the box trellis is in place, you can paint to match your home and add your favorite plants along the front.

2. Add a Wood Fence

You can make a wood fence around 3 sides of the unit, paint and add

a birdhouse for decor

3. Plants

In adding plants around a unit such as Pampas grass, shrubbery, or a mix of flowers can really make a difference. Just be sure to keep them trimmed back.

4. Shutter Screen

An old shutters can become a regenerated fence to hide a unit. Add a splashy color, wrap it around system, and you are all set.


5. Stone Wall

A stone wall can be made from patio pavers and even blocks.

Hopefully this gives you a few ideas to get the project complete. Don’t be shy, you can utilize many different materials ….. just let the creative juices flow and have fun 😊

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