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What to Look For When Buying a Home

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Things May Not Be As They Appear.......

Always Inspect!

Buying a home will probably be one of the largest purchases that you will make, and although it may be a daunting experience you could actually gain financially over time as a result. Think about it..... all the money that you are placing in rent, could be paying your mortgage and many times your mortgage is LESS! So if you are in a position to buy...then you may want to consider buying.

If you are looking to buy that perfect family home, while the layout and aroma may be awesome, keep an eye out for pitfalls that could cause you big regrets.

As you walk through the home, be sure to check everything. Remember this is one of your largest purchases. Try to pay close attention to areas of concern; some of which are listed below.



Age of the Roof _______

Are there any signs of leaking? _______

Are shingles missing? _______

Will I have to replace the roof? _______

Siding/ Garage

Are there cracks in the siding or missing areas? _______

Will it have to be replaced? _______

Does the garage doors work? _______


Are there any cracks or questionable areas in foundation? _______

Is there any areas that are holding moisture? _______

Sidewalks / Driveway:

Is the sidewalks and driveway in good condition?

(small cracks are usually not of concern)


Are there any areas of concern or extremely wet areas near

the foundation? _______


Once Inside the home check for :

Musty Odor:

Is there a musty odor when you enter the home?________

(this could indicate leakage from water lines)__________

Is the pipes in good condition? ___________

If there is a basement.... Is it damp and moldy? ________

Check laundry rooms and connection sites is there moisture? ___

Windows/ Doors:

Are the windows in need of repair and sealed well? _______

Is there peeling paint around windows and doors?________

Is there a condensation? __________

Is there stains at the bottom of the doorways? _________

(always check the flooring around doors for darker areas...could have water leaking in from outside)


Is the flooring well maintained or in need of repair? _______

(lift up area rugs to view underneath them as they could be hiding problem areas)

Are there wet spots in flooring? _________


Are the appliances in working condition? _______

(does the home include appliances)

Blinds/ Drapes:

Are the blinds/ drapes included? _______

Walls/ Ceiling:

Are there any cracks in the walls? _______

Stains on the ceilings (could be leaking) _______


Is there mold under sinks / bathrooms?________

Is there dark circles or black spots on Ceilings? _____

Is there black spots on walls, etc. __________

Heating / Air:

Is the heating/ air in working condition? _______

What type of heating / air is in the home? _______

Have the filters been regularly changed? _______

When looking at buying a home, although it is not required, it is always

advisable to hire a professional home inspector to check for any hazards or structural defects.

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