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The Selling Process

I understand the challenges to selling your home as well as the crucial decisions that must be made which I do not take lightly.  I work hard to guide my clients through a step-by-step process to sell their homes in the timeframe they need and to receive the highest possible price.    

Getting Your Home Ready to Sell


Most of us have watched HGTV and the huge renovations they complete in getting a home ready to sell, however that may not fit your budget, or you may be in a time crunch to “get it sold.”  As a Realtor®, I understand and there are other things that you may consider in getting your home ready as listed below:


  1. Curb appeal-  Keeping the lawn pristine as well as planting annuals will create an immediate impact on potential buyers


  1. Repairs-  Sometimes one overlooks the little repairs that need attention, such as replacing a doorknob or sheetrock repairs and freshly painting a room will brighten any area.  Simple things can make an amazing difference and not only sell your home faster but also increase your return.



  1. Staging-  Keep the home/ property uncluttered. 

    1. Put things away and consider having the carpets cleaned. 

    2. Remember people often focus on kitchens and baths as well as the master bedroom and bath. Make sure things are crisp and clean such as towels and nicely folded with trash emptied.

    3. Don’t forget about the closets, your potential buyer will most likely be looking inside.

    4.   Find a unique way to show off awkward areas such as adding a desk or making it a seating area.

    5.  You may want to contemplate adding fresh flowers or having candles lit to add a fresh smell.


These are just a few tips to think on.As a REALTOR I always walk through with my clients when staging to sell your home faster.



95% of home buyer’s search for properties online.  It is critical that your agent understands how to present your property online.  Photos should be good quality and diverse areas of marketing your home is a must.  I understand how competitive it is in the market and work hard when listing homes to make sure that my client’s properties are listed on the mls, showing on Zillow, Trulia etc. as well as social media and often YouTube.  There are many ways in which to address giving your home the edge on presentation in the digital world.  Contact today for a full consultation and market analysis.  

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